Friday, January 22, 2010


Updated the message for Freej.


Work for Nexus (2008)

Competitive bidding with Fx and Mat.


Work for Cube (2008)

Competitive bidding for a series project for Gulli.


Concept arts for Ecodingo (2008)

Monday, January 11, 2010


Got quite a few more things to post but if anyone has any advice to improve the blog don't hesitate to post a comment :) cheers

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Bang colorscrip

Work for CUBE (2007)

Colorscript for a short movie for the theme park Park EANA

Link to the movie on Cube's website

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kaeloo colorscripts

Work for CUBE (2007)

Colorscripts for the pilot of the 3D animated series Kaeloo.
I also did the textures and environment concepts.
I am currently the artistic director of the series.

Link to the pilot

Omo scientist

Work for CUBE (2007)

Colorscript for the 2nd tv commercial made by CUBE for the washing powder brand Omo

Link to the commercial


Work for Escape Studio (2008)

I worked as a storyboarder and film director for a Chanel spot for the perfume Allure for men white edition.

And here's the storyboard:

Haifa colorscripts

Colorscripts for Haifa (2007)

Haifa concept art

Concept arts for Candiland in Haifa (2007)

Haifa concept art

Concept arts for Champiland in Haifa (2007)

Haifa concept art

Concept arts for Lalaland in Haifa (2007)

Haifa Concept art

Work for Escape Studio (2007)

Concept arts for Haifa, a music video for the Lebanese singer Haifa WEHBE.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Work for CUBE (2008)

Concept art used also as colorscript for a 3D ride for the French theme park Futuroscope.

Link to the video of Ecodingo on Cube's website
The ride was also done in stereoscpic 3D
Link to the video on Cube's website


Work for CUBE (2007)
Concept arts and colorscripts for a show for the Shiekh of Dubaï .

Concept art

Work for CUBE (2007)

Competitive bidding for Bouygues


 Work for CUBE (2009)

Competitive bidding for Monaco